Phase Noise Test System

The DNA is the highest performance Frequency Stability and Phase Noise Analyzer with unique digital architecture that allows down to thermal noise and state of the Art close-in phase noise performance with a limitation set by the user’s reference clock. The DNA also includes built-in oscillators for advanced autonomous operation.

DNA Noise XT

Why the DNA ?

      The key advantages of this platform are not only the extremely low noise floor but the fact that it does not require any phase locking of a reference as all phase detector based phase noise analyzers do.

Its amazing phase noise extraction process even works on different frequencies, the reference can be at a different frequency than the DUT.

No isolation problem, no phase lock loop bandwidth, no DC FM tuning port required; this is so many benefits to avoid errors and get simple, fast and reliable performance.

And as phase noise is just one of the two ways of analyzing signal purity and stability, the DNA also integrates an excellent frequency stability analyzer making is the new Time and Frequency analyzer standard for the advanced research and development industry.


RF Input Frequency: 2 MHz to 100 MHz (DNA 100M)

2 MHz to 400 MHz (DNA 400M)

Offset analysis: 1 mHz to 1 MHz (usable up to 10 MHz)
Phase Noise accuracy: +/- 1 dB
Internal Source output power: +13 dBm +/- 3 dB

For more specification please download our DNA shortform datasheet or request the DNA brochure that includes many options test examples.

Noise XT DNA