DCNTS Phase Noise Analyzer

Phase Noise Test System

The DCNTS is a two channel Phase and Amplitude noise analyzer. Its dual demodulator architecture allows the system to use cross-correlation to cancel its internal noise and limitation; it is like comparing the outputs of 2 systems and only display the similarities while rejecting differences.

It is capable of measuring absolute phase or amplitude noise but also residual phase noise under CW or pulsed conditions. The input frequency goes from 2 MHz to 140 GHz. Residual noise testing is for devices like frequency multipliers or dividers, amplifiers or any other phase coherent input to output device.

It is capable of measuring frequency translating devices like pre-scalers or frequency multipliers.

Pulse compatible, the system is perfect for very demanding Defense and Aerospace applications. Its state of the art dynamic range makes it the lowest noise floor instrument of the market.

The DCNTS is a two channel Phase and Amplitude noise analyzer

Why the DCNTS system ?

  • Lowest noise floor of the industry: -195 dBc/Hz !
  • Two channel architecture to use cross-correlation processing
  • All kinds of methods available, the « swiss army knife » for phase noise testing
  • Pulsed signals or standard CW type
  • Residual/Additive Phase Noise Measurements
  • Absolute Phase or amplitude noise measurments
  • Extensive Jitter computation library
  • Fast ATE System

Awarded by the RF & Microwave Journal :



Input Frequency : 2 MHz to 1.8/26.5/40/50 GHz, options to 140 GHz
Offset analysis: 0.001 Hz to 40 MHz
Cross Correlation averages 1 to 100,000 , individually settable per decade
Accuracy 1 Hz – 1 MHz offset: +/- 2 dB
Accuracy 1 M – 40 MHz offset: +/- 3 dB
Instantaneous Resolution Bandwidth: 3 mHz to 46 kHz

For more specification please download the pdf file of the library

Lowest noise floor of the industry

Main Options list

  • PN9490: 40 MHz offset span extension with high resolution.
  • PN9341: 26 GHz Full Amplitude and Phase detectors compatible with pulsed signals.
  • PN9813: Internal video filter bank for pulsed signals measurements.
  • PN9041: Extension rack to house additional options.
  • PN9100B: New Low Noise Reference Synthesizer.

Many other options available as standard. We also offer custom modules to better suit your application.

Application Note

File Description File Name
How to measure phase noise of ULN SAW Oscillators – PDF – 220 ko OCSO Application.pdf
Testing Phase Noise of Ultra Low Phase Noise OCXO – CHALLENGES AND SOLUTIONS – PDF – 768 Ko PID2382573_E.pdf