Our customers

For telecom, defense, geopositioning and metrology markets, Noise XT and is worldwide distributors serve three distinct types of customers:

1 – OEMS

Because we have been working so much on our products and their internal IP blocks, we are often well equipped to provide various customers with an advanced frequency source. These collaborations are very important to Noise XT as the mutual benefit helps both organizations grow and provide unique team memories.

2 – Manufacturing Test

Most of our customers manufacture components, sub-assemblies or complete operational equipment. As everyone knows, manufacturing always relates to quality and control. Our solutions help manufacturers test their productions goods in order to guarantee the compliance with their specifications and they can rely on our products to help them do the job in a timely fashion.

Throughput, yield, optimization and maintainability are crucial for production. We have always put our best effort to satisfy all four points. As an example, we still service, upgrade or sell products that we shipped 20 years ago.

3 – Research and Development

When researchers require State of the Art performance in order to make the difference, Noise XT can contribute to the academic effort in order to make the community move forward and push the limits further.

We take it as a personal challenge to help you be successful and most of our products are the result of collaborations with unique requirements that were at a point in time, State of the Art.