Our history

This is a quick historic review of how we started this company and where are we now:

1992 : Birth of EuropTest

Former employees of ADRET Electronique, a world leader manufacturer of ultra-low noise frequency synthesizers founded EuropTest to develop a Phase Noise Analyzer.

1998 : Aeroflex aquires EuropTest

Aeroflex, a long time ditributor of the Adret then EuropTest products in North America aquired 100% of the company

2009 : Noise XT acquires EuropTest

Employees Buy-Out under a new name: Noise eXtended Technologies

Present: An innovating company

Since 2017, Noise XT is a subsidiary of Spherea Test & Services and focuses its development on easing measurements while achieving state of the art performance. New products are always in progress in the vicinity of high spectral purity analysis and generation.