Social networks like Facebook grouping many friends or fans on the internet.

Social media use the collective intelligence in a spirit of collaboration and sharing. With these means of social communication, men and women or groups of individuals who work together to create web content, organize the data in this content, index, or alter the comment and associate it with creations more personal. Social media use many techniques such as RSS feeds and other feeds, blogs, wikis, photo sharing like Flickr or video-sharing like YouTube, organize friendly outings, podcasts, social networking, collaborative bookmarking, mashups, virtual worlds, blogs and more …
The tremendous development of social networks is directly related to the technological and technical revolutions. The emergence of AJAX (JavaScript + XML) allowed much faster interactions with web pages. Therefore, the number of members of these social networks has increased dramatically. First, the interactions have become much quicker and secondly, users have become aware of their power to interact on the web: this is what gave birth to Web 2.0.
Some Internet social networks comprised of friends real life. Other networks help to create or develop a circle of friends to find business partners or employment. These services such as MySpace, Facebook,, Twitter, Viadeo, Instagram, Snapchat or LinkedIn, etc.