Carefully choose the colors of a logo is important.

It is important to know who to address your business to better define the style logo adopt. Analyze your colleagues and think logos on the main elements that will differentiate you from your competitors. Consider their visual identities and graphic codes to not make the mistake of adopting too close to graphic design.
The graphic designer an important role in the research phase. His experience in logo creation, knowledge of existing logos on the market allows him to leave for any similarities. Your customers must first differentiate yourself from the competition and not confuse you with it!
A successful logo must above all be consistent with the brand values ​​that it illustrates. The idea is that a logo is more powerful least it will need the support of the typographical mark to exist. But this will be closely related to brand awareness. It must be easily identifiable and recognizable. If the name or denomination becomes logo, they must be very legible.