The French flag is proportions "2/3": two thirds, two for par, three for length, consists of three vertical stripes of equal width.

The French tricolor flag in the form dated February 15, 1794.
It is designed according to legend, by Jacques-Louis David at the request of the Convention, but its origins are older and date back to the three colors of freedom (14 July 1789), identical to the three colors of the American Revolution and those the US flag: blue and red would have the original colors of the city of Paris, those of the National Guard, colors that would surround the white of royalty, therefore identical to the three colors used by different french pavilions ‘Ancient regime.
The tricolor flag is the official flag of France since 1794 and the official flag of the armed since 1812, except for the periods 1814-1815 and 1815-1830 Restoration.