IMS / MTT-S 2017

News from Nancy Friedrich

Nancy Friedrich

Editor-in-chief Nancy Friedrich from Microwave & RF reports on the new PNG-A launch and its creator Chloé Rolland, our latest PhD researcher.


The PNG-A generates an RF output that carries an extremely precise phase noise shape or jitter that can be measured by most instruments in the market today. This unique precision derives from full mathematical processing, leaving no room for analog inaccuracies.

The phase and amplitude noise from the PNG-A does not rely upon temperature, time, humidity, or other environmental conditions to perform perfectly. The phase and amplitude noise are always correct.

The internal algorithms were developed by our Noise XT R&D team and verified by the development team. Successful validation has been accomplished using two different methods: first, by RF and microwave engineers using phase noise analyzers, and second, by independent mathematicians who studied and verified our mathematical models. These algorithms have never been encountered in any other commercial product to date.

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