What does Noise XT do?

Noise XT is a high-tech company whose employees have almost 20 years of continuous innovation in low noise frequency technical synthesis and measurement frequency.
Our company utilizes its original and high-level technologies to provide instruments and quality assurance in the industrial-electronics world.

Our company has the goal of serving the test and phase noise measurement market in general, and the embedded systems (OEM) market segment in particular, by providing high performance instrumentation products and solutions for telecom, defense, metrology, space and geopositioning markets.

Noise XT is in the business of helping customers develop the phase noise systems measurements for electronic signals and frequency synthesis.
The most of the employees of Europtest, a subsidiary of Aeroflex Inc. have joined the Noise XT team with their knowledge and continue to serve our worldwide customers.

Offices Noise eXtended Technologies are close to those of Thales Systems, CRMA, Airbus Group or Astrium.