About us

ARCALE – Noise XT is a high technology company that designs and delivers high spectral purity test and measurement products.

Hundreds of our products are in use all over the world, supporting defense, space and automated test systems.

  • Phase Noise Analyzers, highest performance leader
  • RF and Clock frequency generation with ultra low jitter
  • Customs solutions to the aerospace, defense and communications markets

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Find out more about how and where to purchase Noise XT products and services with the Contact Page. Request a quotation, demonstration or additional information with our Contact Us form. You can also contact directly one of our qualified representatives.

Exceeding Customer Expectations

Mindful of this responsibility, Noise XT conducts not only a traceable accurate calibration but also a series of test proving that the equipment complies with the published specifications.

Warranty, Repair and Calibration

As well as a local support network, Noise XT has invested in state-of-the art calibration facilities and worldwide centres-of-excellence. These provide calibration and repair facilities across the product range; from legacy products to the latest NX platform instruments.

Calibration services are available in 4 service centers located in the USA, France, India and China.

Our calibration process includes 4 instruments that provide traceability to any national standard, including NIST, NPL, BIPM or any other national standard your may need. The calibration procedure and its uncertainties computation is available if requested.

High Spectral Purity Solutions

With over 25 years of continuous innovation in low noise frequency synthesis and measurement techniques, our Research and Development IP library allow us to provide you a cost effective solution with a State of the Art performance.

Research & Development

Noise XT utilizes its original and high-level Know-How to provide instruments and quality insurance to the industrial electronics world, with a focus on telecommunication networks, aerospace and defense applications.

Secrecy Protection

Noise XT conducts business in full compliance with relevant laws, and does not disclose information acquired through business with suppliers and partners to any third party without these suppliers’ and partners’ prior consent.